Replacement Turf

The Dog Potty Replacement Turf is specifically designed to fit your Dog Potty litter box. Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises, nasty smells, and unwanted cleanup; the synthetic grass used for the Potty Patch is anti-microbial and odor resistant. The Replacement Turf makes cleaning a breeze, simply empty the lower tray and rinse with soap and water. This dog turf is ideal for anyone who is looking for a convenient way to train their puppy and it’s perfect for patios or indoor use. The pet grass is constructed with a special scent that attracts your puppy when they need to relieve themselves. No more coming home to a messy stain on your hardwood floor or a foul odor coming from the couch. This pet turf is a convenient puppy training tool that will save you both time and money. Enjoy your home without any unpleasant messes or foul odors and try out the Potty Patch Replacement Turf today.

  • Includes one Replacement Turf for Potty Patch indoor Dog Potty litter box
  • No more nasty or foul smelling living rooms; this turf is anti-microbial and odor resistant
  • Super plush artificial pet grass is specifically designed to attract your puppy when they need to go
  • Built for convenience and easy to clean; just empty lower grate and rinse with soapy water
  • This pet grass makes puppy house training a walk in the park; available in small and large sizes