Large Potty Patch

The Potty Patch is the best indoor dog potty solution. This dog litter box uses specially scented grass that works as the perfect doggie restroom for patios and indoor use. The secret is the soft artificial grass that is specifically designed to let liquid flow through. Don’t worry about nasty smells or lots of cleanup; a grate captures all of the excess liquid, keeping the grass above dry and odor free. Simply empty the tray of liquid below and clean with soap and water. Potty Patch is available for both large and small dogs with sizes built for over and under 15 pounds. Whether you live in a high rise apartment, deal with cold weather or just can’t get home during the day, Potty Patch is the perfect solution for your puppy’s house training needs.

  • Potty Patch is the dog potty solution for small apartments; it’s perfect for patios and indoor use
  • This indoor dog potty has two available sizes for dogs under or over 15 pounds
  • The grass patch is economical and easy to clean; simply empty liquid and wash with soap
  • Potty Patch is the dog litter box that will keep your home smelling fresh and free of stains
  • House training is easy; the pet grass attracts your dog whenever they need to relieve themselves